Meadowmist Counseling and Family Practice is created to provide compassionate and ethical mental healthcare excellence to Individuals, families, and couples. We are a refuge to those in search of guidance through life’s most challenging circumstances. We are a place to seek help, answers, tools, clarity, and your healthiest you.


Our vision is for our friends, families and loved ones to be empowered by robust mental health support. Through our care, we endeavor to nurture emotionally wise and knowledgeable individuals capable of healing, connection and compassion.



Compassionate person centered care forms the core of our values in providing mental healthcare. We are guided by the love of people and recognize that compassion is absolutely essential.


All healthy relationships are built on a foundation of trust. We recognize our immense responsibility to those we serve. We preserve life and guide towards health. Building a trusting relationship as we provide the care you need is our first priority.


We do what we do because we believe that providing care is the most fulfilling way to help make the world a better and healthier place. We are passionate about providing the best in mental healthcare, and our biggest fulfillment is being the therapist you can count on.


We value community and hold reverence for the position we hold as a healthcare provider. Our purpose is to continuously work toward contributing to healthy outcomes to the community as a whole.


We value and celebrate all peoples, creeds and walks of life. Diversity in identity, belief, religion, race, gender, sexuality and every other human condition is an honor to welcome, celebrate, and serve.


To serve is one of the greatest values we bring to our community and the individuals in our care. We believe that one of the highest purposes of life is to give and promote the best in others.

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