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Overcoming Anxiety and Depression is a Realistic Goal with the Right Professional Care!

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Today so many people struggle with debilitating Anxiety and chronic Depression. If this describes you, you are absolutely not alone!

Living with Anxiety and Depression is hard. For those that struggle, it feels like the instability and exhaustion can last forever. The fact is, Depression and Anxiety are not just about faulty brain chemistry, nor just created by "negative thinking". It is a complex problem that is both biological and psychological.

You may have tried to force yourself to cheer up, or ignore the things that you fear. However, you may find the negative thoughts and anxious feelings seem to come back harder and heavier than before. You may have even felt the medication you’re taking “stops working” after a while. It can be so confusing, and you can wind up feeling utterly hopeless.

Life doesn’t have to be this way!

Depression and Anxiety is TREATABLE!

Fortunately, Anxiety and Depression is not unknown, or a new concept to mental health and medical science. Powerful research has innovated clinically effective mental health treatments to help you resolve the underlying issues, cognitive distortions, unresolved trauma, and automatic-negative-thoughts that result in emotional turmoil. It is a clinically proven FACT that a solid relationship with a competent counselor can make all the difference in helping you find the answers you need for lasting relief.

A counselor is your guide through this confusing haze of symptoms. We are an expert in how the mind works, and we are trained to study how your mind works specifically. We can be a mirror to help you see your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in a way that you can’t on your own. We can help you clearly see what’s going wrong, and help you plan effective ways to address it.

Here are some Clinically Effective Treatments for Anxiety and Depression administered by your counselor:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy demonstrates the most effective outcomes in alleviating Depression and Anxiety in clinical control trials. This method of treatment will help you understand how your thoughts and behaviors affect the way that you feel. This treatment will give you tools to realign the way you think in ways that are healthier and result in relief from burdensome symptoms.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is very similar to and based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It relies on challenging our unhealthy thoughts, but additionally helps you understand how to better handle stress, and how to build better social skills that will make you more confident and effective with others. You will be empowered in your ability to build high quality relationships. Quality relationships are essential to a healthy life, and sustaining a reduction in Depressive/Anxious symptoms.

Finally, there is the option of Medication Intervention. While a counselor does not administer medication directly, we can help you decide if you should be evaluated by a medical doctor for possible medication intervention.

A medical doctor will tell you that in order for medication intervention to be most effective, careful work in behavioral therapy with a counselor is essential. Medication will give you relief from your symptoms so that you can learn how to better manage your emotions, and address problems directly. Medication alone will not fix the chronic issues, and unhealthy coping mechanisms that may be habitual in your life.

Together, Medication and Behavioral Therapy is clinically demonstrated to be the most effective treatment to alleviate the suffering and turmoil caused by Clinical Depression and Anxiety Disorders in the long term.

My name is Sean Alexander, LCSW and as a licensed counselor in the state of Texas, I am ready to assist you in finding relief as soon as possible. Give me a call now. Let’s set up a free consultation and get you onto the road to feeling better.

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Depression and Anxiety is TREATABLE!

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