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Meadowmist Counseling and Family Practice has been a lifetime in the making. Sean Alexander, LCSW (founder) had a dream to start a practice to address the living emotional hardships people are burdened with.

We are guided by the core values of Compassion, Trust, Fulfillment, Community, Diversity and Service. These values fortify our mission to deliver the highest excellence in mental healthcare. We are a refuge where you can find help, answers, tools, and clarity through life’s most trying, and traumatic circumstances.

A qualified and compassionate therapist is ready to lead you out of the darkest times and hardest challenges. It’s time to get back to your best life!

Sean Alexander, MSW, LCSW

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to a place of healing and growth. One of the leading principles that guide my practice is helping you rediscover your personal power to direct your own life in a meaningful and healthy way. So many different types of hardships can rob a person from recognizing their personal power. They can come to believe they have no choices.

Trauma, depression, anxiety, recurrent suicidal thoughts, past suicide attempts, grief, abuse, loss, illness, addiction and other hardships can cause a person to live day to day in an endless cycle of struggle.

Conversely, maybe you feel your life has not been particularly tragic, and you don’t think you’ve faced very many hardships. However, you may still have a hard time shaking the intrusive depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, or underlying anxiety that casts doubt and fear on everything you do. The frustration can well up inside you as you try to figure out where these feelings came from, and why it's happening to you. I can help you discover real solutions that you can grow with to finally alleviate those intrusive feelings.

Education and Licensure:

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that is prepared and equipped to help you. I received a Master's Degree from The University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work with a clinical concentration in Counseling and Psychotherapy. I continued my clinical training to achieve advanced licensure in clinical mental health treatment interventions. I value being a lifelong adult learner, and currently in the process of a Doctorate of Social Work at Simmons University.

I come from a significant clinical background of practice in psychiatric hospital and other rigorous mental-health settings. I work from trauma informed methods. I have provided support and treatment to adolescents and adults struggling with suicidality, clinical depression, panic/anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, dissociative disorders, severe complex trauma and many other diagnoses.

I have helped people struggling with learning disabilities, and developmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum. I have worked with people who have experienced a life change that they just don’t know how to manage. That might be retirement, divorce, the passing of loved ones, caregiver stress, a recent medical diagnosis, or marital and family conflict. I have even assisted young adults completely overwhelmed with college stress and trying to establish themselves in the adult world.

It is time we take a journey together and rediscover what it means to thrive; what it means to get back into the driver’s seat of your own life.

Sean Alexander, LCSW

Shean Aleander LCSW Therapis in Texas

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